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Hello and welcome to www.novelmaestro.com

My name is Mark Stewart, the founder of the Australian website novelmaestro.com. I am personally inviting you to upload your hard work, (novels, short stories, comics, poetry non-fiction)

In short: as an author, all you have to do is upload your manuscript as a PDF file. In seconds your hard work will appear on the website and is ready for the whole world to download. If bought by a reader you will be paid within hours of the sale.

Launched in 2017, I believe the website mentioned above will be a critical step forward in helping you to achieve your dream of having your name and work talked about all over the world. In short, I have my work on www.novelmaestro.com 

Obligations of novelmaestro.com

We offer to all authors the privilege to upload their books, comics, poems, short stories, children’s books with or without images for free/no charge. We do our best to market the website, so all our authors have a chance to be discovered. Help us to help you by spreading the word about novelmaestro.com

To increase your chances of readers turning into many fans who want to follow your work, keep on editing and re-editing your work. As you improve so too will your work.

Why do I need a cover image?:

A cover image is required. The image helps to support your hard work by capturing the reader’s attention. The cover image for your book needs to be 2,400 tall x1,600 pixels wide.

Is there a time limit for displaying my work?

No. Your hard work will be on display for as long as you want. All we ask is that your work is displayed on novelmaestro.com for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Will my manuscript be automatically accepted?:

Yes, provided the content is not erotic or of a pornographic nature. In short, ( we want to see novelmaestro.com accepted into schools, pre-schools, libraries all over the world. Staying a family, orientated website is of the utmost importance where readers of all ages can view and read great stories.)  We are constantly searching for novels, comics, short stories, poems, children’s books, with or without pictures.

What sort of content won’t be accepted?

We at novelmaestro.com want to have a strong family orientated foundation where anyone can enjoy reading what they want. We encourage readers of all ages, races, and religion to not only visit novelmaestro.com we want them to stay and enjoy all the material on display.

In more detail: we can’t accept erotic, pornographic images, (especially of children,) profanity, discriminatory(towards religion or gender, or of a sexual nature, ethical, disability, or similar and child exploitation.) If such material is uploaded, onto the website, it has been overlooked by accident. Please email novelmaestro.com immediately. The matter will be dealt with, and the offensive material removed.


As the author/publisher of your work, it is up to you how much you charge. novelmaestro.com accepts no responsibility and is not liable for any loss of profits or costs or tax an author needs to pay.

Cost to upload?:

There is no cost to upload your book/story/comic/poem. On novelmaestro.com we have tried to keep everything simple so books can be uploaded, quickly and easily, and readers can navigate easily throughout the website.

Cost to join?:

There is no cost to join/just a few minutes of your time to register so you can be a VIP member.

What commission does novelmaestro.com charge for a sale? How do I get paid?:

I have thought about this for a long time. I believe 15 cents in the Australian dollar is a fair commission. When a reader buys a novel, authors get paid within hours. Novelmaestro uses PayPal to pay authors, so an account through them is a must. They charge a few cents. (Standard fee)

What can the author expect novelmaestro.com to do?

We will do our utmost to have your hard work recognized. The best outcome is for readers to buy your work and yearn to follow you. Here at novelmaestro, we will do all we can to help you sell.

I’ve heard I must give some of my work away for free.

The best way to spread who you are to the world is to give away some of your work. The choice is completely yours. There is no pressure to go down this path. The following statement is a tried and true idea.

Make full use of your time and keep your money in your bank account.

Get people talking about you.

At www.novelmaestro.com there are no sign-up fees or asking for money after your work has been on the website for some time.

All novels you read is protected by international copyright law and have been uploaded legally with full permission from the author and will remain that way.

I have thought long and hard about the idea of www.novelmaestro.com and what I am trying to achieve. I believe the world is waiting for you.

If in doubt, please, feel free to send me a personal email: mark_stewart777@hotmail.com

Here at www.novelmaestro.com, we want the website to grow with a family orientated foundation where children as young as two years to one-hundred-year-young adults; we have thought long and hard about not wanting erotic novels and short stories. We will endeavour to weed out this category. If you, the reader, discover a novel that you believe is too erotic, please email me and I will have the manuscript removed. I feel we must protect young children from this sort of reading matter for as long as we can. To replace this categorie, I’m searching for comics to be enjoyed by all age groups.

Mark Stewart: founder of www.novelmaestro.com