The Truth

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A place where a sun barely shines….
A world on the brink of collapse….
A song in the darkness….

Journey into a story where a boy thrown away into a different place and time has come to maturity with the desire for revenge being the only emotion to inspire survival against all odds. A life on the brink and one almost over, until the love of a soul bound by a witch shows that life can hold so much more than just the promise of death.

The Truth, is Epic High Fantasy Christian Fiction at its best and most real. This story continues the journey first began in The Way and serves as the exciting transitional piece that will deliver readers to the exciting conclusion of the Fire Prophet series, The Life. A series that in true allegorical function is really just the story of all of God’s people throughout time. Alas the Christian life at present can not boast talking tigers, treebeasts that go to war, or savannas that glow in a midnight rain. That may change in time, but in the meantime, read this series and be transported somewhere else, but familiar to the greatest story that each of us must walk in life, the journey between heaven and hell. May you choose wisely and stay to the Truth of Jesus Christ each and every time.

The Author: Like one of the lead characters in this story named Tarik (Name Meaning: I have a story) I too have many stories for you to read. They’re wild, captivating and entirely righteous and God honoring. I invite you to try one from this self published author on a mission to not leave one word unsaid of all that have been given to me to write. You may not find perfection, but you will see a story worth going to the end with, even as the picture given is worth the value of the struggles to see it written.
Guy S. Stanton, III – Author of Christian Fiction with a sword edge dipped in reality and swung righteously from the heart of one who desires you, the reader, to live and not die in your own epic story of God given existence played out against the beginning backdrop of all of eternity to come.

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Christian Fiction with an Edge dipped in Reality.

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