The Proverbial War

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Shaking. So much shaking. The sound of metal ripping. No air to breath. Then the fall. It never stops. Only it does. A flutter of conscious awareness followed by moments of extreme horror make it clear that I’ve just arrived in hell.

Kim could wish for many outcomes rather than what she’s now faced with, but she made the choices that have landed her in the bitter predicament that she now resides in. She has one chance to explain what she’s done wrong in the past to her adoptive missionary parents before they find out for themselves how far their daughter strayed. It’s a long flight made even more so by the ex-military dude who eyes her up like she’s a tall glass of water meant to quench his thirst. She hates men like him. But when you land in hell sometimes the best protection a woman could have is from a man, who has learned to survive in a life of never ending war.

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