The Astrology, An Anti-Christian Pseudoscience

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Currently, scientists, modern philosophers and religious ones refute the astrological beliefs. The latter are against the ideas of the New Age and the postmodern thought. Obviously, the future is not written in the stars, and the astrology is a controversial, questionable, false, antireligious and anti-Christian pseudoscience, which has no scientific, philosophical and religious foundations.

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From the beginning of time, the first astrologers observed the heavens in order to communicate properly with the gods. They believed that the celestial bodies were living gods, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient and eternal.

As the ancient astrologers discovered that the movements of the Sun coincide with the changes of the seasons, and the lunar phases influence in tides and floods, then the superstitious, mystical, esoteric, spiritual and religious thought was reinforced.

Moreover, the primitive astrologers concluded that the stars (gods) decide the destiny of human beings, moving to convey messages to their legitimate representatives (astrologers, magicians and/or priests).

The astrology is a pseudoscience resulting from these ancient beliefs and it hasn´t varied considerably in the last 2,000 years.

Although human thought has progressively evolved and astrology is based on false superstitious beliefs, to-date the popular astrological practices are extremely successful, because the astrology exploits human curiosity, promises to predict the future and appears to give results with a high level of precision, among other reasons (the fascination with the great existential mysteries, the fear of death, the human needs, the yearnings of succeeding, etc.).

In this time, the scientists refute: a) the astrological beliefs, b) the obsolete and incomplete astronomical calculations (performed by astrologers), and c) the astrological explanations and predictions. The modern philosophers question the logic, coherence and rationality of the astrological thought, and also reject the explanatory and predictive capacity of the astrology. While the religious ones state that the astrological beliefs are contrary to the foundations of the monotheistic religions (in opposition with the ideas of new age and postmodern thought).

Even more, academics and researchers allege that there is no reliable study that can support the astrology. Rather, the results of various investigations have gone in the other way: these haven´t been able to test the astrological beliefs and have questioned, objected and/or refuted them.

Therefore, the future isn´t written in the stars. The astrology is a controversial, questionable, false, anti-religious and anti-Christian pseudoscience, which has no scientific, philosophical and religious foundations.

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