Sugar’s Farm

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Sugar’s Farm is an exciting and heartwarming story of a young girl’s adventures on her farm in the country. You will meet Sugar, her animals and many wild animals too. She has a huge spotted black and white Great Dane named Giant, and a Collie named Biscuit. Sugar’s father buys her two horses for her graduation from the ninth grade. She names her white horse Jewel, and she names her black horse Stud. She has a best friend named Ruby that goes horseback riding with her all the time. Ruby has a beautiful Arabian show horse. One morning, Sugar goes out to her barn and discovers her horses are missing. She realizes her two saddles are gone too. She is heartbroken. Then the unexpected happens. Sugar is very surprised not just once, but twice. Find out what the big surprises are on Sugar’s Farm. Some fun activity games are at the end of the book.

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Author LaVonna Moore

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