Run Wild, Run Free Again

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Run Wild, Run Free Again is an inspiring story about a herd of beautiful wild horses that have lived on Mustang Island by the Atlantic Ocean for hundreds of years. The leader of the herd of wild horses is a gorgeous white stallion named Spirit. The county decides that there are too many wild horses. They announce that they will be rounding up some of the wild horses to be sold to a meat packing company that makes dog food. Makala is a young girl who lives on the island and has grown up watching the wild horses. Makala loves the wild horses and is determined to stop the county from killing any of the beautiful wild horses. Makala adopts a black wild colt that she names Black Diamond. Black Diamond turns into a gorgeous black stallion. Makala shows the county and everyone else on the island what an amazing and special horse Black Diamond has become. Climb into the saddle with Makala and go on a wild horse ride by the sea. There are some fun activity games at the end of the book.

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Author LaVonna Moore

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