Recovery Mission

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“I want to take one of the aliens and ask him WHERES MY DAUGHTER? while I scoop his eyes out with a spoon but that doesn’t seem to be practical so I guess I’ll have to settle for cutting their dead bodies open and ripping their organs out! For science, of course.

– Lacey McCarthy, Biologist, mother of Ruby McCarthy, New Hope Colony, Tau Ceti 4, Canada

Major Naomi MacCaffrey, Captain Zoey Bryant and a group of other officers from the Hot Tub Brain Trust have proposed a raid on the New Cancun Ranger Base to recover material needed for the defense of the colony. The initial proposal has now grown into a bigger mission and Zoey Bryant will lead the ground force.

The survivors of the recon shuttle sot down 2 days before the invasion began have made it to the New Cancun Ranger Base.

When the recovery mission heads for Winter Haven among the mission personnel are a group of civilian volunteers including several parents of the missing girls who were on the Cairo with Commander Cassidy and Gunnery Sergeant Pickford when the transport was shot down.

Rick Cassidy’s sister Lieutenant Bridget O’Brien and 2,000 other Rangers are on the colony transport ship Marco Polo headed for the New Hope Colony. Some of Bridget’s friends have been brought in on the secret of Rick and Molly’s true identities. The cargo supply ship Asia with Cassidy’s daughter Ciara onboard are getting closer to arrival at the colony.

The Rift have located the mountain valley where the Cairo went down and plan to pay them a visit.

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Book 9 of Fierce Girls At War

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“We know the aliens will be coming soon. My squad will be in the fort and I’m scared, we all are, but we’re confident too. More than anything I’m scared I’ll lose someone because I make the wrong decision.” - Stormy James, age 19, leader of squad One, intern, New Hope Academy, New Hope Colony, US “Talk about feeling small....
Sold By Mike Adams