Planet X91 The Beginning

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Planet X91 the beginning is a sci-fi adventure series. On board shuttle number one in hyper sleep is Clay Silver 16, Florian Fawkes 15 Josh Quinn 12. They wake five minutes before they crash. The three have to be a team to survive. What dangers will they discover? Will they be rescued? One bad mistake and the newest human colony of three will be extinct. Two questions remain. Who did it and why? Clay, Florian and Josh make a pact to vote on everything do. To guarantee Florian survives her safety is put first. Every move they make has to be planned. The building they landed near turns out to be a spaceship. Reading the ledger on what species of animals were on board the craft the trio uncovers the secret of what had been in the cages. For twenty years the animals have roamed free. Now they are hungry for human blood. Abandoned and alone the three young adults have to fight to survive.

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