Phantom Canyon

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Sam Turner is tracking his runaway brother when he sees a signpost, “Phantom Canyon!” Almost immediately Sam’s horse steps in a gopher hole and breaks his leg. Sam has no choice but to shoot the horse. Now he is really stranded. With a saddle, his bags and rifle, he is in a real dilemma. The canyon is beautiful but full of mystery and surprises.

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As soon as Sam rides into beautiful Phantom Canyon his horse breaks his leg.  Sam must lug his good into the mysterious canyon while hoping that someone comes along to rescue him.  Then he meets a very old Indian who has a horse to trade.    Sam strikes a friendship with Two Dogs and the trail Sam’s lost, brother.  Soon, they realize that the boy is being chased by Mexican Bandidos, who think the boy is carrying gold. 

Sam and Two Dogs must find a way to rescue the boy without getting themselves killed in the process.  An explosive climax occurs when an inept US Army Calvary Troop shows up but are unable to do anything but sit and watch as the two men defend themselves.

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