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A Heroic Tale of Magic, War, and the Struggle of Good Versus Evil


Ages ago, settlers fleeing the war-torn lands to the north founded the Kingdom of Havenrealm and set out to forge a better future, a more peaceful future.  The wizard saw that this was good and took the young kingdom under his protectorate.

Over the years, he watched the kingdom grow and guided its leaders through countless crises.  And he developed a profound love for this peaceful land and its kind, hard-working people.

But evil is growing in the shadows beyond the edge of civilization.  The wizard has foreseen the onslaught of darkness and knows that he will need all his strength to protect his people.

Unbeknownst to the wizard, the enemy is ready to strike and has already set its plans into motion.  

Will the wizard prevail?  Will he be able to save his beloved Havenrealm?


Overlord, the first tale in the Havenrealm series, will answer these questions and set the foundation for the rest of the Epic saga.

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