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“These aliens are seven feet tall and so strong they can throw a spear accurately further than we can shoot. We can kill them when they get closer if they haven’t already killed all of us first!”
– Captain Melissa Rossi, CO, Falcon Company, 2nd Battalion, Colonial Rangers, New Hope Colony, Tau Ceti 4, France

“Dese girls are tougher dan dey look. Dey had to carry dead bodies an clean up blood an brains an not vun uf dem quit!”
– Veronika Tchachenko, Russia, Assistant Director of Student Travel and Transportation, New Hope Academy

The Rift have invaded the New Hope colony. They’ve shot down the transport Cairo which crashed in a mountain valley with CDR Rick Cassidy and GSGT Molly Pickford and 50 female students from the New Hope Academy. Cassidy and Pickford begin to organize the survivors. Most of the crew and some of the New Hope Academy staff members died in the crash.
The Rift have taken Southport and set their sights on their next target, New Cancun, as thousands of refugees pour into the western settlements. On the Rift flagship Expeditionary Force Commander General Osmu’a reviews the progress of his campaign to retake the planet and realizes that the transport that was fired upon must have gotten a warning message out before they had destroyed the alien communications satellites.
Preparing for an alien attack on New Cancun and with the communications satellites down Colonel Fox needs to send a recon shuttle to Southport to see what has been going on there.
On Earth Rick Cassidy’s family gathers at the family home to celebrate Kelly’s commissioning as a major in Colonial Security and to discuss Stellar Enterprise’s plans for the New Hope colony.

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Book Three of Fierce Girls At War

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