My Hound Dog

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Dawn is nine years old and new in town. She is still trying to fit in with the girls from her school. She is invited to a slumber party by one of the girls. All of the girls at the slumber party are a year older than Dawn and play a mean joke on her at the party. They begin to bully her at school too. Dawn has a Beagle named Hound Dog that she has been training to track scents and do search and rescues. Little does she know that one day Hound Dog would end up doing a search and rescue for her when she is lost in the deep woods of the Kiamichi Mountains of southeastern Oklahoma. Is Hound Dog able to find Dawn? Find out in this awesome adventure that will warm your heart. This book has a strong anti-bullying message for children. There are some fun activity games at the end.

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Author LaVonna Moore

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