Monkey Islands

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Chaz and Charo are two teenagers out for an adventure in a canoe on the Amazon River in South America. They are caught in a sudden storm, and the river begins to rage. They hold on tight and try to keep the canoe from tipping over. The canoe is traveling at a high rate of speed as they are swept down the river for many hours. The next day, the canoe hits a tree and breaks the canoe in half. They are thrown out of the canoe and onto the beach of a deserted island. There are two more mysterious islands close to them, and one of the islands is shaped like a gorilla’s head. They start walking around to explore the jungle. Suddenly, they are surrounded by hundreds of monkeys of all different kinds. They do not move and let the monkeys smell them. They work to gain the trust of the monkeys. They are all alone, and they must learn to survive by themselves on the island. They name the island Monkey Island. Chaz builds a raft to go explore the two islands that are close to them. Go on a heart-pounding adventure with Chaz and Charo to South America and find out what Chaz discovers on all three of the mysterious islands. This children’s picture book features twenty-eight awesome photographs. There are also some fun activity games at the end of the book.

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Author LaVonna Moore

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