Mango & Kiwi

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Mango & Kiwi is a heartwarming adventure about a Sun Conure named Mango and a sweet Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot named Kiwi that likes to talk and loves to dance. Their owner Trina bought both of them at a Bird Fair in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The story takes place at Keystone Lake and The Illinois River in Oklahoma. Trina has a black Chow named Smoke, a Paint horse named Splash, and several other pets. She also has many wild animals that visit her place every day. Trina’s neighbor has a pet monkey named Spunky that he brings with him when he visits her. Trina finds a small fawn all by itself curled up in the tall grass and brings the fawn home with her. Trina also provides a foster home for animals until a new home is found for them. An Activity Game is at the end.

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