Lady in the Lake

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Billy Don McMillan has quickly risen to the most prolific serial killer of young women in Texas History. When the first body was pulled out of Lake Centerfield, Billy was the chief suspect. The chase to capture Billy falls to the elite Texas Rangers. Legendary Ranger Matt Hammond risks his career to capture Billy. Billy’s luck never leaves him as he always seems to find a way to escape! Chase Billy with Ranger Hammond right up to the explosive end!

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Billy Don McMillan is a  terrible man.  He takes young women, tortures them in horrible ways, then kills them.  Somehow he must be stopped.  The list of his victims just gets longer and longer.  The job finally falls to the finest law enforcement agency in America, the TexasRangers.  Legendary Ranger Matt Hammond chases Billy all over America and Mexico.  But Billy’s luck never fails him.  Billy faces other law enforcement agents, but they are no match for him.  Follow Matt as he chases Billy to the ultimate climax!  Will Billy’s luck hold one last time?

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Mr. Newman is a successful long-time novel writer, To date, he has written over 26 novels. Please check for new novels monthly.

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