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“We know the aliens will be coming soon. My squad will be in the fort and I’m scared, we all are, but we’re confident too. More than anything I’m scared I’ll lose someone because I make the wrong decision.”

– Stormy James, age 19, leader of squad One, intern, New Hope Academy, New Hope Colony, US

“Talk about feeling small. Every one of these girls can shoot better than I can and they’ll all be out there risking their lives while I’m inside safe and sound. I know the Master Sergeant and I are needed inside to handle the drones, keep the power on and help with any casualties but that doesn’t make me feel any better. These kids really are some fierce girls. I better not let them hear me refer to them as kids though; I’m liable to get kicked where it hurts the most!”

– Corporal Damian Carter, cargo engineer, CTL Cairo, New Hope Colony, UK

The Rift are getting ready for their summer offensive. Another Rift airship takes a closer look at the crashed transport Cairo; it is a tempting target they believe can be taken easily. When the Rift begin their offensive; their first target is the Cairo.

CDR Rick Cassidy’s sisters Nikki and Chloe O’Brien have left for the New Hope Colony on the starship Australia. Nikki is a lieutenant with an American detachment and Chloe is going to manage Stellar Enterprises’ ventures at the colony.
Among the Rangers on the Marco Polo is Rick Cassidy’s eldest sister LT Bridget O’Brien.

The Asia is getting close and the Rangers onboard have been practicing their combat skills in the VR trainer using a combat program provided by Cassidy’s daughter Ciara.

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Book 10 of Fierce Girls At War

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