Ice Wind

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Stumbling in the sand …………………. almost there ……………… just a few more feet to water.

A body. A body rotting in the water!

I’ve come so far ………………. I need the water, but all that’s before me is poisoned!

A hard way to die. And for what? I should have just let her go.

Taran Collins was a long way from home and yet what was home anymore? He had no home other than the trouble that always seemed to find him. The Fire Wind had changed everything and it was up to him to see what lay beyond the doorway that had been opened to him. Maybe there was peace to be found if he looked hard enough for it. No doubt there would be trouble as well.

Ice Wind is a continuation of a series of western sci-fi novels that feature adventure, action, and faith. Christian Speculative Fiction – learn to love it!

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Christian Fiction with an Edge dipped in Reality.

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