Children’s Short Stories, Book 5

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Children’s Short Stories, Book 5 is a collection of three short stories: Blizzard & Snowball, Angel The Great Pyrenees, and Anna The Cockatiel. Fasten your seat belt because Blizzard & Snowball is a non-stop action adventure of a lifetime that takes place in the majestic mountains of Alaska. Angel The Great Pyrenees is a charming true story for children about Angel being lost in Sherman, Texas. A dogcatcher finds her drinking out of a creek. He catches her with a large net and brings her to an animal shelter in Sherman. Angel is adopted by a nice woman and she becomes a guardian angel. Anna The Cockatiel is a delightful children’s book narrated by Anna, a female cockatiel, from the time she hatched out of her tiny white egg and popped into this world. A bully named Blue that is a Blue Quaker parrot attacks Anna and pulls out all of her pretty long tail feathers. In order to save Anna from being bullied, her owner has to find her a new home.

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