Agent out of Time

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Caleb has regrets. The way his granddaughter has turned out being one of his biggest. She’s no good, but can she change? Will the Russians allow her to or will she die like so many already have in the cold?

Caleb Longtree is retired and ready for life to just hurry up and end so he can be at peace safely away from the bitterness of his past. But life takes a turn when his rebel child granddaughter comes home for the summer and actually seems to want to change. Change that is, if he’ll agree to give her all his money in his will. It’s a small price to pay to see her settled down, but young love can often become tumultuous. Would be lovers are separated by differences, even as enemies from the past lurk in the background waiting to destroy. There is a world of violence unseen by the masses. A place where torture is common, in a land that is very cold. Can a grandfather’s love reach across an ocean and scale a harsh landscape to keep a promise given to his long dead son or is he just too old and out of the game of being an agent for good?

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Christian Fiction with an Edge dipped in Reality.

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