Agent for a Cause

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She was amazing and he loved to touch her with his eyes, but that was as far as their relationship could ever go, because if she ever learned of what a cold blooded killer he was she would hate him.

Tyre had one goal in life, which could be best summed up in the statement that he needed to be in control. Control was peace. Without control there was nothing but chaos. He’d been in chaos before and it was far better to be on the other side. The side for good. He didn’t just kill people for hire anymore. He killed those who needed killing. Perhaps somewhat hard to justify for some, but to him it made sense. To be a killer, as he was though, meant to also be alone, for who would want to befriend a killer let alone be his lover. Such a relationship would mean commitment. It would mean a loss of control. It would mean to willingly expose oneself to emotions better left chained away in the recesses of his shattered mind. Sometimes you don’t have a choice to choose whether to become involved or not though. When the girl you wish you could have is wanted dead along with her son what choice does he have, but to step into the equation and start killing to protect someone worth fighting for, even dying for. Something like that is worth losing control for.

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