Agent finds a Warrior

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He’d saved her. He wanted her. He resisted her. He came to love her. Could it really be true that he no longer had to charter his journey alone through time?

The Agency for Good has been closed down and Maria is without a job and without a purpose. Adrift in life’s journey once again, until she is presented with a choice that will require her to surrender everything. Would it not be better to go on alone than be at the mercy of a man stretched out beyond natural time? It’s a hard choice, because of her past and the mystery’s it holds but what is life without a God given purpose? She’s survived through too much to throw it all away now. The choice she makes becomes her destiny. There is a world of the spirit realm that she never knew existed and her guide into it is a man born over three thousand years before that has never ceased from being faithful to his calling or from doing good.

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Words of Action

Christian Fiction with an Edge dipped in Reality.

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