A Warrior’s Revenge

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Thunder Ridge Castle the home of the Ta’lonts………destroyed. The Valley Lands annihilated and thrown into a perpetual winter, with the hope of no spring or summer to come. Only ruins exist of what once was, but in the mountain a guardian sleeps. She alone of her family remains or so it would seem. One thing is clear. It is time to leave.

It has been over two hundred years since Roric, old and full of good years, has been laid to his rest. His world is ripped apart by an uprising of a dark people with a master plan that calls for the utter destruction of any who may oppose their new world order. They wield technology more advanced than any available to the descendants of Roric’s clan. They attack without mercy and Roric’s world burns, millions die. Some burnt by fire, some by the whip of slavery, but some are taken over as their wills and thoughts are commanded by their masters, who compel them to do evil things against their own families. The Valley Lands are the first to fall. The Attorgrons burn with their great forest. The Zoarinians never reborn of the Spirit of God perish with their great cities. Assoria and its kingdoms are turned into a lifeless wasteland where no one goes. There are none that remain to oppose the new world order’s regime of terror, but prophecy will be fulfilled. A place of powerful mystery is revealed and the guardian is awakened from her long sleep. Her rage has no bounds, but there is no rebuilding upon what has already been lost. Knowing this she gathers the remnants of her kind and she takes them far away. But what will they find in this new galaxy of strange worlds? They know so little of what has transpired in the ancient past. Who are their enemies and do they have any that they might call friend? The better question is have they exchanged one form of hell for a worse one?

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