A Warrior’s Return

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How did the first peoples of Earth learn to chart the depths of space and leave the first world for other worlds? Does there still exist in the hidden corners of the planet the ability to be as the first mariners of space? One man is desperate to find out the secrets of the ancient past, but there are others with darker agendas that must be stopped at all costs.

Evangelina Fortunas is to the point of not caring about what comes next in life. She’s tired of it; but continues on with the thought of what would happen to her young son alone on the streets ever present on her mind. The knowledge of that horrible fate drives her onward in her occupation as an exotic dancer. Evangelina receives a visit from a mysterious man and is not prepared for the powerful maelstrom of international intrigue that she is caught up in by the actions of one man on a mission. Taken from her downward spiral to an early grave she experiences what it is to be given respect and a chance at something far better. She learns the ways of the world beyond the flashing lights and stiletto heels of her former haunts to become embroiled in a war for survival of an entirely different kind. An old evil has resurged into the present with a death grudge for the people, who technologically chained their physical counterparts to the Earth to perish within the great flood of Biblical days. The offspring of their dark thoughts are back online now and they want payback. They even know where to go off world to reap their revenge. Can one warrior and his band of mercenaries, with the help of one reformed Columbian hooker, protect another world from the remembered evil desires of a people long dead?

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