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Ever gone through hell?
I have.
Some may say it’s a part of going through life and maybe it is, but when you’re in the moment you really don’t think about the bigger picture do you? Your focus is on the pain of the moment and how bad you want it to stop. In these moments who do you call out to?
I call out to God. He goes by many names, but they’re all found in the Bible. My God, didn’t write the Koran or any other religion’s handbook of belief. No, He selected out men and women by which through His Holy Spirit, Ruach Hakodesh, He inspired to pen the books we now call the Bible. The ability to call out to your Creator doesn’t stop with the pages of the Bible. No, you can write your own Psalms just as King David did. The beauty of my God, is that one and all can come before Him and find restoration and new life through the promise and belief in the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
The Psalms and thoughts in this book are all from my own personal reflections and intense moments of crying out to the One in heaven, whose eyes are always upon the righteous. I invite you to read my book and while I hope you find it personally meaningful and inspiring my greatest hope is that it will inspire you to author your own praises or as the case may be, pleas, to your Divine Creator. He’s waiting to hear from you so why don’t you lift up a song to Him that will grace the courts of heaven as a sweet smell in the nostrils of the One who first gave you breath and crafted an eternal meaning into the unique soul that is you. There’s no one else like you and even as that is the case ever last one of us has our own stories, both sad and joyful, that we can fill out and send heavenward to be preserved forever, even as every last soul who puts their trust in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, will one day get to experience eternity in the presence of the Father, who as we exist currently in mortal form we can only touch with the outpourings of our hearts, but when eternity comes we will see Him face to face, so why not start the conversation now so when you see the One, who is as like a friend, you’ll already have plenty to talk about.
I am an author of many works of exciting, daring and thoroughly entertaining works of Christian Fiction that span across many genres and while in my books I share a bit of myself in every story I have never penned to the degree of open rawness as I reveal in this book. We all wish for many things to be different in life, but I have come to accept the reality that my purpose in ministry is to be a ‘Pen’ freely given over to write whatever story or Psalm is inspired upon my heart, by the Most High, to accomplish and that dedication has taken me many places and I invite all readers of this to take part in the journey and see that there is truly nothing impossible for my God to do. I’m a first class example of that as I’m still writing my heart out to fulfill the desires of my heavenly Creator and yet I daily face all the oppositions that hell can throw against me. When you find your place of ministry you’ll know it, because it hurts and it might just cost everything you love to keep doing it.

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