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Blood Red Rose Three

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Vampires William Haleton and Amber didn’t know the guardians of time will soon enter their lives. Their kids, seventeen-year-old Lexi and Reese thought they were mortal. The family secret is; they are vampires too. Out of the Haleton’s, Crompton, and the werewolves, who will be incarcerated in the land before time?
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Blood Red Rose Two

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Blood red rose two is the continuing story of William Haleton and Amber Cantala. Haleton is a vampire. Amber is mortal. Haleton thought he had it all. A new wife and new life. the vampire antidote was working perfectly or so he thought. Being transported from one time zone to the next had been a nightmare for centuries. The orb...
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The Blood Red Rose

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William Haleton was an innocent man then he was transformed into a vampire. The rules are: Sever the lifeline of 100 evil souls. If you take too long you’ll be transported through time. Haleton meets and falls in love with Amber. Haleton’s vampire cousin, Alex Crompton, wants her to die. There’s an antidote to the vampire curse. Will it be...