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Ellie Caitlin and the vortex dwellers

The first in the series of Ellie Caitlin books. Ellie creates the neutrino engine, which makes time travel possible. On its maiden flight, The Pegasus is unexpectedly launched seven years into the future. Ellie has only 48 hours to save the Earth. Can she save mankind?
Sold By Martin McGregor
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From a False Age of Prosperity to a Democratic Era, A Science Fiction Story of Capitalism and Communism

It was the year 2060. After the third world war, the President of the European Union is elected World President, establishing a dictatorship that would lead to a serious economic crisis, unprecedented in human history. In the year 2228, the dissident scientists reached an agreement to travel through time and avoid the establishment of the global dictatorial government.
Sold By Rolando José Olivo
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Love through Time

Tyeshia is being haunted by a 200-year-old ghost. Can Savannah save Tyeshia when she\\\'s distracted by a ghost of her own?
Sold By Novels by Barbara Woster