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Attic Secrets

Attic Secrets is a bone-chilling paranormal thriller and murder mystery all rolled into one haunting story. Monroe and Sophie Anderson move into an old, blood red, two-story house in the small historic town of Refugio, Texas, after Monroe retires. They begin to notice strange occurrences from the moment they move into the house. Sophie is a writer and begins researching...
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America wasn't founded to shoulder the world's burdens; we have enough of our own. The formation of the United States was based on the idea of society evolving and changing as the country grew and matured, not stacking problems and debts onto the US people. At the time of the Great Depression between 1929 to 1941, the country's unemployment skyrocketed,...
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Crystal’s Dreams

Crystal's Dreams is a tangled web of spooky, paranormal thriller and multiple murder mysteries that take place in Texas and Louisiana. Crystal Moon had been having dreams that would come true since she was a young girl. Crystal begins having dreams about a serial killer who is brutally murdering women in Goliad, Texas, and causing the entire town to live...
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Fate\’s Intervention

Fate brought them together; obstinance could keep them apart.
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Fire Games

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Fire games is a catch me if you can crime thriller. Detective Alan James Kendal puts his life on the line when he plays against Patrick, the psychotic arsonist. Kendal is ordered to team up with Claire Ambroso. He knows she carries a secret. He has a grey past. Which one will come forward to haunt first? Claire shoots at...
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Marissa’s Nightmare

Marissa Romano woke up to a frightening scene of horror. She discovered she had driven off the side of a mountain cliff in her car. She looked down and saw that she was covered in blood. Her head had hit the windshield, and she had glass shards embedded in her head, face and hands. She felt lightheaded and was still...
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Spooky Short Stories: 3 Books in 1

Spooky Short Stories, 3 Books in 1 contains three paranormal thriller/murder mystery short stories: Attic Secrets, Marissa's Nightmare, and Crystal's Dreams. Three haunting and spine-chilling tales of the supernatural full of twists and turns.