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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Self-Help Literature

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Although self-help has advantages and disadvantages (exposed in biased radical opinions), the richness of some self-help books confirms the innate capacity of people to explore new frontiers, and contribute to the progress and development of humankind.
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BREAKTHROUGH: Realize Your Infinite Potential by Understanding the Universal Consciousness Connection

By learning from the negative occurrences in your life, you can overcome them and stop repeatedly experiencing them. Change your perspective from why is this happening to me to what is being done for me. What appears to be negative is actually a positive boost that’ll make you a better person. You always have the ability to unlock the power...
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Rape Feelings & Stages Following a Sexual Assault

Rape or a sexual assault, for many, can be a shameful and embarrassing experience. There seems to be an ongoing battle to stop the misuse of force and sexual assault on another person. The truth is that anyone can be raped or suffer a sexual attack at the hands of someone they know or by a stranger. The face of...
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