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Elephant in The Bed 2: What’s Blocking Your Sex Life

Pretending your problems will go away and things will get better is laughable. Your relationship won’t get better if no one is addressing the elephant in the damn bed. Now that you’ve got your eye on the elephant in your bed, I want you to walk it right out of your front door and nail that baby shut.
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EMMA, LOCK YOUR DOORS AT NIGHT, SWEETY: A Mother’s Bittersweet Message to Her Estranged Daughter

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If you’re a mother raising a daughter, you know how difficult things can become seemingly overnight. Holding on too tight or not tight enough can make for one tense rollercoaster ride that can be fatal in maintaining a healthy relationship. Such was the story of Emma and her mother’s relationship that, over time, ceased to exist, but only in her...
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Fearful Avoidant in love

You’ve been playing games in your relationship far too long and it’s about to cost you what you really you want: love.
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Four Relationship Attachment Styles Paired In Love: How to love and understand your partner’s attachment style

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What does the Dismissive, Fearful, Anxious, and Secure partner look like in a relationship? Could you be a super-magnet for drawing in the worst type of partners? Would it help you to understand what it means to have more than one relationship attachment style affecting your love life?
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Sabotage: Recognize Commitment Phobia and Experience a Healthy Relationship

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If you really want to make your relationship work, you’ll have to meet them halfway. If you press them too hard for a change in behavior, they’ll keep their distance. Learn to back off and stop worrying. The less you stress, the more they’ll stress over you. That’s the first step to handling your commitment phobic lover. There are many...