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Overcoming Adversities, Going Beyond Frustration, Resentment, Depression, Exhaustion and Boredom…

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Humans possess extraordinary abilities that are superior to those of other species and their desires, motivated by primary (physiological and safety) and fundamental needs (belongingness, esteem and self-actualization) have virtually no limits. Overcoming adversities is a fact of spirituality and transcendence, aimed at finding the meaning of life and the faithful fulfillment of that extraordinary purpose.
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Strategies of the Winners who never give up

The incredible human being has extraordinary abilities and skills, but he also is prone to suffer due to his adverse qualities and the disability to react adequately to adverse events and failures. Even many winners are aware of the complex human nature and about the harsh realities of life, and use certain strategies.
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Survival Skills for Supervisors and Managers – Guidelines for Business Success

Whenever work is delegated to others, the person responsible for their actions is their supervisor or manager. It doesn't matter whether those individuals have the title of supervisor, manager, foreman / woman, department head, superintendent, executive or CEO - if they are supervising others, they need to know this valuable information. Many are literally thrown into their positions with little...
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Why Is There So Much Dissatisfaction in the World?

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Despite the extraordinary technological progress and the remarkable increase in income, in this postmodern world persists high levels of dissatisfaction. Considering the complex human nature and the harsh reality of life, this era is characterized by the phenomenon of dissatisfaction (whether temporary or chronic), which is difficult to face, mitigate and overcome.