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Out Damned Spot

Life and family both seem to be oblivious to the internal turmoil that Giselle faces as she gets a spot on her arm analysed. She doesn’t get to have a break-down. There aren’t any charity organizations making her dreams come true. In fact, everyone at home is waiting for her to make supper before she has even been stitched up....
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Sham-Belly Shack

The Beetle Boys have descended upon the Glen. Crazy Granny Catty is transported back to a dark time when this dastardly gang pillaged the countryside and were doers of evil. Will the enchanting singer, Cee-Cee-Lia, ever manage to escape from the evil clutches of Manjoo\'s Sham-Belly Shack? Will she recover what has been taken from her and where does Gaia...
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The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen

The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen is a whimsical, modern day fairy story set in a real nature reserve in the middle of Pretoria, South Africa. Fairy life is abuzz with all sorts of comings and goings. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just plain crazy. Magical happenings are woven into individual tales that all link up to...
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Wisdom Of The World – The Happy, Sad And Wise Parts Of Life

This book is for anyone who loves humour, satire and wants to learn unusual pieces of information about the world we live in. Open this book whenever you feel like taking a break. The information is slanted towards open-minded adults who can see the humour in everyday occurrences.