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Economic Growth, Well-Being and Happiness, Capitalism or Communism?

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In order to reveal the complex relation between economic growth, well-being and happiness, there are certain questions: Is economic growth the basis of human progress and development? Why is capitalism successful, while communism has failed? What is the relation between economic growth, well-being and happiness, considering the Easterlin paradox?
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Kiss On The Bridge Three

Meredith is missing, believed to have drowned. An extensive air and sea search fails to locate her. Wade and Anneli think the accident might have been murder. Proving it is another thing. Jordan Ashcombe, Meredith’s new husband is the only witness to what happened. Wade has known Jordan all his life. He feels uneasy over Jordan’s explanation of events.
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Overcoming Adversities, Going Beyond Frustration, Resentment, Depression, Exhaustion and Boredom…

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Humans possess extraordinary abilities that are superior to those of other species and their desires, motivated by primary (physiological and safety) and fundamental needs (belongingness, esteem and self-actualization) have virtually no limits.
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Reaching Happiness

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Despite the fact that happiness is very difficult to achieve, in this postmodern age, in which it is erroneously endorsed that material success is the basis of happiness (the results of various economic studies go in other way), we can conquer it, in accordance with principles, morals, ethics, religious beliefs, appropriate attitudes and the best decisions...