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Exit 12

On his return journey from a business meeting, Alan Reed finds himself stranded at the roadside. Seeking refuge for the night, he finds himself being chased by a fierce predator. After fleeing to the safety of a guest house, he becomes trapped inside of the house all alone. Upon exploring the rooms of the house, he soon realises that the...
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The Existence of God and the Great Existential Mysteries

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From immemorial times, the human beings observed the heavens, reflecting on the great existential mysteries, the meaning of life and the final reality after death. Although the existence of the Almighty Judeo-Christian God constitutes the greatest existential mystery, and also contributes significantly to glimpse the other existential enigmas.
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The Great Existential Problem of Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein, the author of the General Theory of Relativity, is recognized as the best scientist of humankind. Although there are still reasonable doubts about his religious orientation that lead to these questions: What were Einstein's religious beliefs? What was Einstein's great existential problem? Undoubtedly, he lived suffering a great existential problem, without obtaining definitive answers.