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Blood Red Rose Trilogy

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William Haleton is a mortal man who is changed into a vampire. He is transported from one time zone to the next. Eventually he marries a woman; they have children. Haleton’s cousin Alex Crompton makes a secret pact with the werewolves to kill Haleton’s entire family. The guardians of time want to see Alex incarcerated in the land before time...
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Fire Games

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Fire games is a catch me if you can crime thriller. Detective Alan James Kendal puts his life on the line when he plays against Patrick, the psychotic arsonist. Kendal is ordered to team up with Claire Ambroso. He knows she carries a secret. He has a grey past. Which one will come forward to haunt first? Claire shoots at...
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Planet X91 The Fire

Florian knows the boys don’t care about the warning over the fire. She shows them the brightening sky. A plasma ball of fire from the exploding alien spacecraft gets them into action. The plasma ball is attracted to metal. To save the Piper the trio has to find a way to dispose of the ball of fire. Can they save...