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Beyond Resilience, Guarantee of Success?

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The concept of resilience has been transferred to psychology, encompassing a set of extraordinary qualities and attitudes, which allow us to recover and face adversities. Going beyond resilience includes: striving for a balance between the human needs, overcoming the trap of Postmodernity, inquiring about the great existential mysteries, fulfilling a purpose in life and pursuing happiness.
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Overcoming Adversities, Going Beyond Frustration, Resentment, Depression, Exhaustion and Boredom…

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Humans possess extraordinary abilities that are superior to those of other species and their desires, motivated by primary (physiological and safety) and fundamental needs (belongingness, esteem and self-actualization) have virtually no limits. Overcoming adversities is a fact of spirituality and transcendence, aimed at finding the meaning of life and the faithful fulfillment of that extraordinary purpose.