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A Guy’s Thoughts

Ever gone through hell? I have. Some may say it’s a part of going through life and maybe it is, but when you’re in the moment you really don’t think about the bigger picture do you? Your focus is on the pain of the moment and how bad you want it to stop. In these moments who do you call...
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Black Mamba: How to recognize and curtail venomous people

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You are surrounded by fake love and attention. You are surrounded daily by the very people who claim to love you and would do anything for you, but who are tearing you down behind your back. Your relationship is fake, yet you don’t care. You’ve convinced yourself of somehow thinking those around you value your very existence, but they don’t...
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BREAKTHROUGH: Realize Your Infinite Potential by Understanding the Universal Consciousness Connection

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By learning from the negative occurrences in your life, you can overcome them and stop repeatedly experiencing them. Change your perspective from why is this happening to me to what is being done for me. What appears to be negative is actually a positive boost that’ll make you a better person. You always have the ability to unlock the power...
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Bruised Hearts, Revised: Learning to Forgive Others

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Tell me what you’ve gone through, and I can tell you why you’re currently experiencing pain and struggle in your life. Tell me the worst you’ve endured, and I’ll tell you why you’re still not over it. Life’s tragedies not only leave scars that last a lifetime but also a bruised heart in their aftermath. Although life’s bruises may have...
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Dismissive Avoidant in Love: How Understanding the Four Main Styles of Attachment Can Impact Your Relationship

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We all want happy, healthy relationships, but are you willing to take responsibility for unhealthy attachments you’ve created and make the necessary changes that will foster an unselfish and loving relationship? If your relationship is falling apart and you’re not sure why, you’re not alone. More people are starting to identify the negative attachments that were developed during childhood and...
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Elephant in The Bed 2: What’s Blocking Your Sex Life

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Pretending your problems will go away and things will get better is laughable. Your relationship won’t get better if no one is addressing the elephant in the damn bed. Now that you’ve got your eye on the elephant in your bed, I want you to walk it right out of your front door and nail that baby shut.
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Fearful Avoidant in love

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You’ve been playing games in your relationship far too long and it’s about to cost you what you really you want: love.
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I TOOK YOU FOR GRANTED : The Short Stories of Allen Griff’s Double Life

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I knew my marriage was over after my wife caught me cheating on her again. But the cheating wasn’t the reason I ended our relationship. No, it wasn’t, and I told myself a million times that I would’ve stayed or tried to make things work with her if only she had kept her head on straight, which was all I...
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Rape Feelings & Stages Following a Sexual Assault

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Rape or a sexual assault, for many, can be a shameful and embarrassing experience. There seems to be an ongoing battle to stop the misuse of force and sexual assault on another person. The truth is that anyone can be raped or suffer a sexual attack at the hands of someone they know or by a stranger. The face of...
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Sabotage:Recognize Commitment Phobia and Experience a Healthy Relationship

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You refuse to give up and let them go. Okay. Now, what’s next? For starters, you must change the way you think when you’re in love with a commitment phobe because, unlike someone who’s looking for longevity in a relationship, the person you love is afraid of commitment. Therefore, they’ll use control and deception as manipulative tools to maintain distance...