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Saving Rose Green

Rose Green is an inch away from unravelling the truth when the key witness to exposing one of the ugliest crimes committed is killed. Thinking she is backed by the most trusted organisation, she got caught up in the never-ending war between two worlds and their idea of a free world.
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Sham-Belly Shack

The Beetle Boys have descended upon the Glen. Crazy Granny Catty is transported back to a dark time when this dastardly gang pillaged the countryside and were doers of evil. Will the enchanting singer, Cee-Cee-Lia, ever manage to escape from the evil clutches of Manjoo\'s Sham-Belly Shack? Will she recover what has been taken from her and where does Gaia...
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America 1760. Shingas is an authentic telling of raw courage and guerilla warfare, of love and hatred and how ordinary men and women achieved extraordinary feats of survival.
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Something Missing

During their courtship, Russ appears to have all the qualifications of a perfect mate. He's Italian, tall, dark and handsome with the body of a football star. He takes Jenny dancing, buys her flowers and makes her feel special when she is with him. Jenny has a rude awakening on her wedding night and over the next few months, Russ...
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Spooky Short Stories: 3 Books in 1

Spooky Short Stories, 3 Books in 1 contains three paranormal thriller/murder mystery short stories: Attic Secrets, Marissa's Nightmare, and Crystal's Dreams. Three haunting and spine-chilling tales of the supernatural full of twists and turns.
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That Something Special

Joanna is an advertising professional who has been hired to bring back to life a theatre group. She falls in love with Alexander, the theatre creative director, but doesn't know where the romance is heading. Does the theatre mean more to Alexander than to Joanna?
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The Astrologer of the President

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Although Cuasimodo Fiestero is responsible for the electoral victory of a new President and is recognized as the astrologer of two Presidents, he is the victim of a conspiracy that forces him to go underground. It seems that the President's astrologer, loved and admired by many citizens, and at the same time, hated and despised by others, isn´t a legend...
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The Blood Red Rose

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William Haleton was an innocent man then he was transformed into a vampire. The rules are: Sever the lifeline of 100 evil souls. If you take too long you’ll be transported through time. Haleton meets and falls in love with Amber. Haleton’s vampire cousin, Alex Crompton, wants her to die. There’s an antidote to the vampire curse. Will it be...
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The Broken Wings of Forgiveness

A man joins forces with a powerful and mysterious deity on the condition that he has to save mankind and most importantly, track down his real enemies. The battle he faces makes him embrace his sole purpose
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The Divine Dissimulation

A Sci-fi novel about a villain using mind control technology to convince prisoners that he is God and to recreate atrocities from the Old Testament
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The Divine Sedition

A young woman with special powers on a crusade to take down an oppressive dictatorship