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Holly Polly Short Stories

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Adorable little Holly Polly loves to read and has found a way to share with those around her-her favorite short stories. With a style only Holly Polly has, she never answers correctly any questions asked of her. The world she lives in is no more than her favorite stories.
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If You Give A Croc A Couch? She just might eat it!

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A Sweet and delightful story about a croc who just wants to sunbathe. Cookie the croc just wants her very own spot. When she loses her spot to a group of crocs, she searches for another one to call her own.
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Adorable and sweet Little Miss Maple has been inspired by the teacher to think big, she has taken it serious.
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Nane’s Cookie Dough Spaghetti is Perfection: Who doesn’t love cookie dough and spaghetti?

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Nane’s having a “share your favorite dish” day in class and she’s beyond excited. She can’t wait to share her favorite foods with all of her classmates, until the teacher says they can only bring one dish.