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A Troglian Knows

The story starts in Australia 2245AD. Twins Jake and Jasmine West travel back in time to 19th February 1942 when Darwin was bombed in the 2nd world war. This is not where they wanted to be. Jake causes a time ruckus and a Troglian is on his way. A Troglian is a prehistoric dog. Nothing escapes his white eyes. You...
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Ehtaria: a land of their own

Have you ever wondered where your pets go when you let them out to play?
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Matty’s Outer Space Treasure Hunt: He loves taking things apart!

Taking things apart and putting them back together is what Matty loves to do. To avoid getting in trouble at home for taking apart his parents gadgets, he makes it his mission to go into outer space and find things to take apart.
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The Time Bandit

When two eleven year old friends Lizzie and Sam discover an old one-arm-bandit little do they realize that that they are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.
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