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Blood Red Rose Three

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Vampires William Haleton and Amber didn’t know the guardians of time will soon enter their lives. Their kids, seventeen-year-old Lexi and Reese thought they were mortal. The family secret is; they are vampires too. Out of the Haleton’s, Crompton, and the werewolves, who will be incarcerated in the land before time?
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Planet X91 The Underwater Cave

Florian Fawkes 15, Clay Silver 16, and Josh Quinn 12 have piloted the massive spaceship the Piper to the sea where the trio hoped to wait out there stay on Planet X91 in safety. There is one thing they have yet to discover. The ship they are on has many secrets. After watching the aliens leave the planet the trio...
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The Perfect Gift

At twenty six, Naomi has had enough of the way men mistreat her. Deciding a change is required, she applies to be a Jillaroo at the cattle station named the Oasis in outback Australia where she meets Trent, a cowboy and a rodeo champion. From the city of Melbourne to a fast flowing river where Trent has to save Naomi...