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Blood Red Rose Two

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Blood red rose two is the continuing story of William Haleton and Amber Cantala. Haleton is a vampire. Amber is mortal. Haleton thought he had it all. A new wife and new life. the vampire antidote was working perfectly or so he thought. Being transported from one time zone to the next had been a nightmare for centuries. The orb...
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Kiss On The Bridge Two

Kiss on the bridge two is the second in the series and is a psychological romance adventure. Anneli has a sister; Meredith. This is her story. Set in Australia in 1977 Meredith wakes in a coffin; her greatest fear. She has no idea her hero is on the way. They meet and fall in love, but is the emotion strong...
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Luke’s Cubbyhouse

This story is about a boy who survived the Queensland floods. I see every child as a hero. Luke doesn’t see himself as a her. Then the river floods. If he doesn’t do something, the class bully will drown.