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Big Black Shiny Boots

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A frail elderly lady waits behind closed doors for the next person to arrive to either evict her or to steal her belongings to pay for the rent. She has other ideas.
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Book of short stories

The culmination of seventeen short stories in this book are based in Australia. Light horror kicks off the start followed by romance in the middle through to children’s stories at the tail end. There is something to read for all ages from 4-100-years of age. All stories have a suspenseful element.
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Kate and Ben

Kate had watched her husband, Ben, go off to war. While she waited each day for his return she gave birth. She lived in the same house as her father. He helped to look after Kate and Ben’s son. One day Ben came walking up the road. Kate had planned the perfect reunion and rushed over to the large tree...
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The Games We Play

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The games we play is about a soldier who is lost. He’s alone and is wondering why he wasn’t evacuated with his battalion.